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A Message From Our Founders

4Rivers Wealth Management’s focus is, as always, our clients’ health and well-being. During this crisis be assured that will not change! If anything, we’re at a heightened level of vigilance and availability. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Market Update for the Quarter Ending March 31, 2020

Posted April 8, 2020

March was another terrible month for stocks. The continued spread of the novel coronavirus led to fear and uncertainty in global markets. The S&P 500 declined by 12.35 percent for the month and 19.60 percent for the quarter. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) dropped by 13.62 percent for the month and 22.73 percent for the quarter. The Nasdaq Composite lost 10.03 percent in March, contributing to a 13.95 percent decline for the quarter.

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Newlin and Jodi's Conversation with Brad McMillan, CFA, CAIA, MAI

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What to Do When Your Portfolio Faces A Virus

Posted March 10, 2020

Imagine driving down a steep, windy road and losing your brakes. Maybe you’ve had this nightmare? You start pumping the brakes over and over in hopes of regaining control. That’s close to what it feels like to be an investor in today’s market environment. So far, the markets in March have been on a roller-coaster ride with drops of anywhere from 700 to 1,000 points daily. Most of the slide is coming from fear that the Coronavirus would stall global growth as a result of quarantines. Economists are also worried about lower earnings and consumer spending from travel bans and work stoppages. The result, many analysts worry, would be an anemic economy. 

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